The biggest expense of a research project is people.  Hiring qualified, experienced staff is not cheap.  It is, however, necessary.  Without the right people, it is unlikely the research project will make it out of the starting gates, let alone to the finishing line.  In addition to the hourly rate, there are costs such as superannuation, leave allowances, workers compensation insurance, HR compliance, performance management and payroll, to name a few.

In addition to this, research projects are unpredictable.  One week your research project could be employing nine full time staff and the next, the project could be halted and all patients discontinued (true story).  But you still have nine full time staff to pay with no more income.  If you lay off the staff, you have redundancy allowances to outlay.  If you keep the staff, there is a lag time until the next project is up and running.   That is if the staff stick around.

In other industries including other areas of health care, this problem is overcome by using contractors or agency staff.  Research is a very specialised area with distinct training and experience that are difficult to find.  There are very few contract site staff and most work independently.

In response to this problem, Affinity has developed staffing solutions for research sites.  Experienced, qualified staff are provided to research sites for the number of hours required at an all inclusive hourly rate.  No more PAYG statements or superannuation to work out.  We provide staff for a range of reasons from a one-off project to full-time staff.  Affinity can even arrange sick leave cover and annual leave relief.

Staff are integrated into the practice so that patients and research sponsors see the staff as part of your organisation.  You may stipulate that our staff wear your company uniform and/or use a company email address.  The best part is that if research funding runs out or there is a change in your requirements, we can deploy the staff to another site until such time as you require them again.  And if you get busy, we can assign additional staff to help out until things quieten down.

Affinity handles all training, insurance and performance management issues.  We will work with you to find staff that best suit your company culture.  We have our own HR policies that comply with all relevant regulations.

To find out more about how Affinity can help staff your research site, phone Krys our Business Development Manager on 0422 550 279 or (08) 9242 7640.

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