At Affinity we know that HREC submissions can be stressful.  The pressure of submission deadlines combined with managing a busy clinic means that submissions are often rushed or costly overtime is needed.

Affinity can take the pressure off and free up your staff for more important work.  We prepare high quality submissions with a guaranteed turn around time of <72hrs.  For a limited time, our submission are only $375.

With experience with many different HRECs within Australia (public, private, electronic, paper), we know what your HREC is looking for.  Our specialty is customising Participant Information Sheets and Consent forms (PICFs).  Our staff use their experience in patient education to ensure the form is easy to understand whilst meeting regulatory and Sponsor requirements.

Fill out our contact form or email us directly to take advantage of this limited time offer.  To find out more about our other services, click here.


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