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Committed to successful clinical research.


  • Improve health care outcomes by assisting health care professionals to perform high quality clinical research
  • Maintain a participant-centred approach for all research activities
  • Make conducting research simple, expeditious and cost effective

Affinity provides innovative solutions to researchers and the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industries to ensure the success of their research project in a way that is participant-friendly. We strongly believe in a customised approach to research, adjusting our process to fit the needs of the patient population and to ensure high quality data with strict adherence to ICH-GCP and all other relevant regulatory guidelines.

Interested in Collaboration?

Affinity can assist Researchers anywhere within Australia with their research project. We can provide services from protocol development through to publication. Our specialties are mobile nursing services, teletrials and technology solutions.

Medical Practitioners, regardless of experience and resources, can collaborate with Affinity to bring research into their practice and provide their patients access to cutting-edge medical care.

Interested collaborators can book a 30min obligation-free phone call here to find out more.

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